At the heart of our Better Booth is our proprietary tower.

This is our large 32" touch screen, available for standing guest
-it is almost like a jumbo iPad :)

It is also available in a shorter model if you would rather
have your guest sit.

Our Set up at the Z107 Wedding Expo

• Designed to provide great looking photos and video while being easy to use.

• A fun experience for you and your guest.

• Our Photo Booth "tower" only requires 4 square feet and utilizes a BIG 32 inch led touch screen.

• Captures photos with a DSLR camera and video with a HD video camera.

• A sturdy design that fits right in with an elegant event.

• Our Photobooth , with white privacy curtains and black accents is perfect for formal events

• The actual photobooth area can be configured several different ways, to accommodate large groups or smaller venues.